It’s remarkably easy to capture your pet’s paw print so they can be saved forever in Stainless Steel. Just grab your phone or camera and follow the steps below:

  1. After a bit of exausting play IMG_8438lay your pet down in bright light, take a paw firmly in 1 hand and take a photo straight at the paw.  (for best results have the background be a contrasting color to your pet)
  2. Confirm the photo is clear and not blurry.  (If you have trouble, you may have someone entertain your pet while photographing).  Some paws will photograph much better if you rub a little olive oil before.
  3. Measure paw from base of pad to top of pad.  Paw prints will be actual size up to 3.25 inches. If your pet’s paw exceeds 3.25 inches it will be reduced to fit * Larger sizes available – call for more information.
  4. Upload your image when ordering your keepsake.


See below for a few more tips and guides for getting a good image.

scooter  This one is a kinda furry (an option you can chose).  The photo is not straight on.  Lighting is good and enough contrast with the background.



IMG_8445 Shadow on lower left of paw makes this one difficult.

FullSizeRenderpawPaw is not straight on with camera. Good lighting and sharp resolution, contrast with background is adequate.


a8b9e1c09269b24845f1bb274a695d3cThis paw is straight on with camera, lighting is good. Resolution is low.



This image is straight on, good lighting, mostly in focus and high resolution.  The blade of grass is not desirable but if you like can be included in your pets plaque.




IMG_8478Please take a picture of my PAW!